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David Marquez
STEM School Highlands Ranch
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

My TSA journey started in 5th grade when I met the Colorado TSA state advisor and first viewed a shipment of TSA pins. Those pins drew me in, and I joined TSA the following year. Then, when I attended my first national TSA conference in Atlanta and saw the national TSA officers on stage, I made it a goal to climb the leadership ladder to eventually become national president. Having served two years as the Colorado TSA sergeant-at-arms and one year as the national sergeant-at-arms, I am grateful now to serve as your national president.


TSA's leadership opportunities and its competitions hold great importance in my life. Some of my favorite events have been Chapter Team, Career Prep, Promotional Marketing, and Data Science and Analytics - all of which have allowed me to explore my passion for STEM and grow as a person and teammate.


Outside of TSA, I am the president of my school's Science National Honor Society chapter. I am also an officer for my school's student advisory committee. In my community, I volunteer with GraceFull Cafe, a non-profit that cares for and feeds the unhoused. I love the outdoors, studying ecosystems, and hiking in the Colorado mountains, where I can practice plant and mushroom identification skills.


TSA and its amazing members mean so much to me. I hope that I will make you all proud. Thank you for your continued support and allowing me to serve you in the coming year.


David Marquez represented TSA and the other career and technical student organizations (CTSO) when he spoke at ACTE's CareerTech VISION 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona. View a video of David’s presentation about the benefits of career and technical education. 




Tyson Castleberry
Alma High School
Alma, Arkansas

I have been involved in TSA since my freshman year of high school. It began with me enrolling in Introduction to Engineering and being placed in TSA by the TSA chapter advisor, who knew the benefits of participation in the organization. Some of my favorite competitions have been Problem Solving, Prepared Presentation, and Extemporaneous Speech. After my first year in TSA, I served in two leadership positions for my state: first as the Arkansas vice president, then as state president. I now have the honor to serve as your national vice president.

In my personal life I enjoy playing basketball for the River Valley Hawgs, acting in performances at my school, playing video games, serving my church, and spending time with family and friends.

My TSA journey has taught me skills such as public speaking, communication, and dedication - which I hope will continue to grow throughout my future. Words cannot express how grateful I am for this organization, as it has opened my eyes to a whole new perspective and world. Thank you, TSA. I look forward to serving the members of TSA and building a personal connection with all of you.




Shreemayi Undavalli
Longview High School
Longview, Texas

I joined TSA at the beginning of my 8th-grade year, just a few weeks after my family moved to Texas. TSA was entirely new to me. Though I had no idea what to expect, I attended my first meeting hoping to make friends and get involved in my school. It did not take long for me to realize the impact this organization has on its members and, more so, the impact it started to have on me. 
During my time in TSA, I have competed in events ranging from Chapter Team – in which I was introduced to parliamentary procedure – to Tech Bowl, an event that has allowed me to pursue my passion for clicking buzzers and answering questions on the clock. Outside of TSA, I enjoy playing tennis, representing my school as student council vice president, and volunteering to serve my community.

TSA has helped me discover my passion for STEM, public speaking, and leadership. I am grateful that this organization has helped me grow as a competitor and a leader, and I am honored to serve as your national TSA secretary for the coming year.



Ariel Fader
Ryle High School
Union, Kentucky

When I first heard about TSA in my freshman year of high school, I knew I had to be involved in the organization. I have been passionate about STEM all my life, and I was able to pursue this interest in my sophomore year as a founding member of my school's TSA chapter. I value being able to serve others through TSA, and I have done so as chapter treasurer, Kentucky central region president, state reporter, and state president-elect. Now, I am honored to represent TSA as the national treasurer.

Outside of TSA, I like being engaged in my community. I founded a student organization, SpeakOut, which provides public speaking and civic engagement educational resources and opportunities for youth, initiated by youth. I compete and serve as the captain of the speech and debate team, and I hold leadership positions in technology non-profits and various organizations like the National Honor Society, Math Honor Society, and Multicultural Society. Additionally, I enjoy playing the piano, ice skating, traveling, and hanging out with friends.


TSA has been impactful in helping me become who I am today, and I am deeply grateful for all the friendships and memories I have made. Further, I like applying my different interests to TSA events. My favorite competitions are Extemporaneous Speaking, Prepared Presentation, and Promotional Design. Competing and networking have taught me valuable life skills, and I am excited to help others make the most of their TSA journey.




Sreemayi Gangireddy
Maggie L. Walker Governor's School
Richmond, Virginia

I joined TSA in 2018 as a shy, quiet 6th grader. In just five years this community has helped me grow to be a confident leader and passionate competitor. My favorite events are CAD Engineering, Dragster, Solar Sprint, and Promotional Design. The people and the relationships, however, are what have been most important to me. I am incredibly grateful for the mentors and members I have met – and the life-long friends I have made – through TSA.

I have been a TSA officer at the state, regional, and chapter levels - most recently serving as the Virginia TSA state reporter this past year. Through these experiences, I have watched both friends and strangers experience personal growth by simply being a part of TSA. I am honored to be in a position to help support and better the future of TSA members by serving as the national TSA reporter for the 2023-2024 school year.


Outside of TSA, I enjoy participating in FRC Robotics, writing for my school paper, playing the viola, playing basketball, learning guitar, and hiking with friends and family.

TSA has made such an impact - not just on me, but on everyone I know who has been involved in the organization. TSA will always hold a special place in my heart, and I cannot wait to help build a brighter future for all TSA members.




Garv Jain
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
Alexandria, Virginia

Less than three years ago, I walked into high school not knowing the Technology Student Association even existed. When my friend took me to the chapter's first meeting of the year, I did not imagine the journey I was about to embark on and the lasting impact it would have on me. There are not enough words to describe the opportunities, friendships, and memories TSA has given me. I realized quickly that I wanted to make a difference in the organization that has given me so much. Now, thanks to the members, I am honored to have the opportunity to make that difference by serving as the 2023-2024 national TSA sergeant-at-arms.

My favorite TSA events are Debating Technological Issues, and Fashion Design and Technology. Through participating and placing in these events, I have learned how to be a better public speaker, collaborator, and overall person. Outside of TSA, I serve as my school's German Honor Society president, Speech Interpretation captain, student representative to the German Embassy, lead student ambassador for my school’s Partnership Fund, and lead choreographer of my dance team. I also serve in my community as an Eagle Scout and as the Women for Education, Advocacy, and Rights (WEAR) membership chair.

My time in TSA has instilled in me a passion to make a difference wherever I go, and I am excited to bring drive and determination to the work ahead.