NASSP logo pngTSA Middle School Competitions iconBelow you will find summary descriptions of the 2019 and 2020 middle school TSA competitions. Click on a category to filter the competitions. (More detailed specifications and rules can be found in the "TSA Middle School Competitive Events Guide for the 2019 and 2020 National TSA Conference.") You can also view and download the TSA middle school competitions eligibility chart applicable to the 2020 National TSA Conference. (State delegations may choose to alter their events for local conferences. Click on your state to preview the requirements pertaining to your regional and/or state conferences.) 

For event entries submitted pre-conference:

  • A link will be provided approximately one month prior to the deadline of May 15th on the Competition Updates page.
  • This submission procedure applies ONLY to entries for the National TSA Conference, not state TSA conference entries.
  • Email verification of each team's entry will be made by June 10th to the contact email provided during submission.

Each participant/team shall submit only one [1] entry per competition.

TSA Middle School Competitions | Career Categories

Click on a category below to view a list of TSA middle school competitions and their summary descriptions in that category:

Challenging Technology Issues

Participants (three [3] teams of two [2] individuals per state) work together to prepare and deliver a debate-style presentation with participants explaining opposing views of a current technology issue. The current year's topics can be found on the Themes and Problems page.

Children’s Stories

Participants (three [3] teams per state; a team of one (1) is permitted) create an illustrated children’s story that will incorporate educational and social values. The story may be written in a genre of their choice. Examples are fables, adventures, non-fiction, fiction, and fairy tales. The story must revolve around the theme chosen for the given year. The current year's topics can be found on the Themes and Problems page. 

Essays on Technology

Participants (three [3] individuals per state) conduct research on specified subtopics of a broader technological area and, using the knowledge and resources gained through that research, write a comprehensive essay on one subtopic that is designated onsite.

Prepared Speech

Participants (three [3] individuals per state) deliver a speech that reflects the theme of the current year’s National TSA Conference. The current year's topics can be found on the Themes and Problems page.

Promotional Marketing

Participants (one [1] individual per chapter) create a portfolio of marketing tools. Participants submit the entries pre-conference by May 15th. Semifinalists are announced onsite at the annual National TSA conference. Semifinalists work creatively under constraints to design a solution to a problem given onsite, using their own computer/laptop work station. Semifinalist entries will be saved to the individual's event USB drive (provided by TSA) for judging. The current year's topics can be found on the Themes and Problems page.