TSA Middle School Competitions iconTSA offers 37 middle school competitions. The eligibility chart below provides the eligibility requirements for each competition and is applicable to the national TSA conference. (State delegations may choose to alter their events for local conferences. Click on your state to preview the requirements pertaining to your regional and/or state conferences.) 



Each participant/team shall submit only one [1] entry per competition.

TSA Middle School Competitions | Career Categories

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Challenging Technology Issues

Following the onsite random selection of a technology topic from a group of pre-conference posted topics, participants work to prepare for and deliver a debate-style presentation, in which they explain opposing views of the selected topic.

Children’s Stories

Participants create an illustrated children’s story based on the annual theme. The entry product is a physical storybook of artistic, instructional, and social value. Semifinalists read their story aloud and participate in an interview.

Essays on Technology

Participants conduct research on specific subtopics from a broad technology area posted as part of the annual theme. Using a previously prepared note card as an approved resource, participants draft an outline of the subtopic randomly selected onsite at the conference. Semifinalists write an essay on that subtopic.

Prepared Speech

Participants deliver a timed speech that relates to the theme of the current national TSA conference. Semifinalists and finalists are determined using the same competition procedure.

Promotional Marketing

Participants create and submit a marketing portfolio and required elements that address the annual theme/problem. Semifinalists complete a layout and design assignment for evaluation.


Participants use digital video technology to create original content about a pre-determined technology theme. Semifinalists compete in an onsite challenge to produce additional video(s) based on specified criteria, such as provided props, lines of dialog, and topics.