TSA Middle School Competitions iconTSA offers 37 middle school competitions. The eligibility chart below provides the eligibility requirements for each competition and is applicable to the national TSA conference. (State delegations may choose to alter their events for local conferences. Click on your state to preview the requirements pertaining to your regional and/or state conferences.) 



Each participant/team shall submit only one [1] entry per competition.

TSA Middle School Competitions | Career Categories

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Construction Challenge

Participants submit a scale model, display, and documentation portfolio for a design that fulfills a community need related to construction. Semifinalists deliver a presentation about their entry and participate in an interview.

Off the Grid

Based on the annual theme, participants conduct research on a sustainable architectural design for a home in a country not their own. Participants produce a portfolio and create a display and a model. Semifinalists present their design and participate in an interview.

Structural Engineering

Participants apply the principles of structural engineering to design and construct a structure that complies with the annual challenge. An assessment of the required documentation and the destructive testing of the structure (to determine its design efficiency) determine both semifinalists and finalists.