TSA High School Competitions iconTSA offers 40 high school competitions. The eligibility chart below provides the eligibility requirements for each competition and is applicable to the national TSA conference. (State delegations may choose to alter their events for local conferences. Click on your state to preview the requirements pertaining to your regional and/or state conferences.) 



Each participant/team shall submit only one [1] entry for the following competitive events.

TSA High School Competitions | Career Categories

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To address the annual design challenge, participants exhibit and demonstrate their knowledge of mechanical and control systems by creating an animatronic device with a specific purpose (i.e., communicate an idea, entertain, demonstrate a concept, etc.) that includes sound, lights, and an appropriate surrounding environment (a display).

Board Game Design

Participants develop, build, and package a board game that focuses on a subject of their choice. Creative packaging, and the instructions, pieces, and cards associated with the pilot game will be evaluated. Semifinalists set up the game, demonstrate how the game is played, explain the game’s features, and discuss the design process.

Digital Video Production

Participants develop and submit a digital video and a documentation portfolio (including such items as a storyboard, script, summary of references and sources, and equipment list) that reflects the annual theme. Semifinalists participate in an interview.

Fashion Design and Technology

To address the annual theme, participants demonstrate expertise in fashion design principles by creating a wearable garment, garment patterns, and a documentation portfolio. Semifinalist teams present their garment designs (worn by team models), discuss the design process with evaluators, and respond to interview questions.

Music Production

Participants produce an original musical piece designed to be played during the closing session of the national TSA conference. The quality of the musical piece and required documentation (including elements such as a plan of work, self-evaluation, and a list of hardware, software, and instruments used) determines advancement to the semifinal level of competition, during which semifinalist participants are interviewed.

On Demand Video

Once participants receive the challenge details (required criteria, such as props and a line of dialogue) at the national TSA conference, they have 36 hours to produce a 60-second film that showcases video skills, tools, and communication processes. The quality of the completed video production determines the finalists.

Photographic Technology

Participants produce a photographic portfolio - demonstrating expertise in photo and imaging technology processes - to convey a message based on the annual theme. Semifinalists have 24 hours to complete a portfolio of photos (with required documentation) taken onsite at the national TSA conference. Finalists are determined based on the quality of the semifinal portfolio, the portfolio presentation, and interview responses.