TSA High School Competitions iconTSA offers 40 high school competitions. The eligibility chart below provides the eligibility requirements for each competition and is applicable to the national TSA conference. (State delegations may choose to alter their events for local conferences. Click on your state to preview the requirements pertaining to your regional and/or state conferences.) 



Each participant/team shall submit only one [1] entry for the following competitive events.

TSA High School Competitions | Career Categories

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Chapter Team

Participants take a parliamentary procedure test to qualify for the semifinal round of competition. Semifinalists conduct an opening ceremony, items of business, parliamentary actions, and a closing ceremony.

Extemporaneous Speech

Participants select a technology-related or TSA topic from among three topic cards and prepare and give a three-to-five-minute speech that communicates their knowledge of the chosen topic. The quality of the speech determines advancement to the semifinalist level of competition, for which an identical competition procedure is followed to determine finalists.

Future Technology Teacher

Participants research a developing technology, prepare a video showing an application of the technology in the classroom, and create a lesson plan/activity that features the application and connects to the Standards for Technological and Engineering Literacy (STEL), as well as STEM initiatives and integration. Semifinalists demonstrate the lesson plan and answer questions about their presentation.

Prepared Presentation

Participants deliver a three-to-five-minute oral presentation related to the current national TSA conference theme. Both semifinalists and finalists are determined based on the quality of the presentation and the appropriate use and content of the accompanying required slide deck.

Technology Bowl

Participants demonstrate their knowledge of TSA and concepts addressed in technology content standards by completing an objective test. Semifinalist teams participate in a question/response, head-to-head, team competition.