Architectural Design
Pre-Conference A. Documentation Portfolio includes the following required element:
I. A photograph, in PDF format, of the finished model

Pre-Conference A. Documentation Portfolio g. i-ii references to original hand drawings or copies should be disregarded, as well as, A. g. iii, any reference to “identifying new vs. existing” should be disregarded as it does not apply to this year’s design problem.

Full rubric that reflects updates to the criteria/scoring in the Model Section of the rubric. The Assembly Plan/Site Board is no longer a criteria on the rubric, but the submitted model must be on a Site Board.

Updated Architectural Design rubric

Pneumatics is an acceptable use of hydraulics.

Biotechnology Design
The title of the rubric table on page 68 should be “Display” instead of “Digital Display.” There is no digital requirement for the 2022 national TSA conference.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
Page 124 should read: 
B. Materials:
1. The sample work pieces contain the subtractive and/or additive (CNC/3D printing) machined parts of the promotional product.

Page 127 should read:
Component Analysis/Criteria:
Additive and/or Subtractive Manufactured Product

Data Science and Analytics
Pre-conference submission:
The Scientific Poster can be uploaded as a .PDF file OR as a link accessible via any hosting site (such as UNLISTED YouTube URL) or another shareable link in cloud storage.

Dragster Design
The body of the vehicle cannot be designed to cover the wheels in order to improve aerodynamics.

Engineering Design
The link in the Overview to the Grand Challenges for Engineering (GCE) should be: 

Structural Design Engineering
Problem Statement, page 4 should read: 
6. Each bottom end (foot) of the structure must be a minimum of 1 1/2" long (See Figure 1).

Video Game Design
Full rubric that reflects updates to the Time Deductions in the Preliminary Round.

Updated Video Game Design rubric


Children’s Stories
Full rubric that reflects updates to the criteria/definitions in the Documentation Portfolio section
Updated Children’s Stories rubric

Community Service Video
Full rubric that reflects updates to the Semifinal Presentation/Interview section point values and Time Deductions section
1/19/22 - Updated Community Service Video rubric

Construction Challenge
Full rubric that reflects updates to the Preliminary Subtotal section point values
Updated Construction Challenge rubric

Full rubric that reflects updates to the Preliminary and Semifinal Subtotal sections point values
Updated Cybersecurity rubric

Full rubric that reflects updates to the Semifinal Subtotal section point values
Updated Dragster rubric

Forensic Technology
Teams should have the necessary supplies to make a presentation on each of the three Forensic Science concepts. Competitors are responsible for bringing tools/supplies needed to demonstrate the skills/concepts and no other materials will be needed.

Junior Solar Sprint
Full rubric that reflects an update to the total score point value. 
Updated Junior Solar Sprint Rubric

Mechanical Engineering
Vehicles will run on a hard surface, not carpet.

Medical Technology
B. Up to (3) team representatives report at least ten (10) minutes prior to their assigned time to the designated place for their presentation. 

Problem Solving
Page 259 should read:
      D. 3. f. Abrasives sheets, sanding sponges, emery boards