Posted August 24, 2020

Members may compete in the virtual 2021 national TSA conference and also in the on-site 2021 national TSA conference. However, they must pay the conference registration fee to compete both ways. (Conference registration fees will be announced in early 2021.)

A member who competed in a virtual state delegation state advisor approval contest may compete in the same contest on-site at the 2021 national TSA conference, and vice versa, pending approval of the state advisor.

For the 2021 national TSA virtual and on-site conferences, state advisors may designate contestants for both virtual or on-site state advisor approval events regardless if there was a virtual or on-site state delegation conference – and it can be the same member who competes in both formats (virtual and on-site).


For the Dragster specifications on p.162, the Body Mass has for 2021 is a minimum of 100g and 2022 is a minimum of 80g.