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The annual state-level TEAMS competitions offer student teams from across the country an opportunity to compete in a variety of STEM challenges. 

The state overall rankings determine which teams receive Best in State awards. State-level rankings are provided for each of the three competition components: Essay, Design/Build, and Multiple Choice. Overall Best in State rankings are determined by combining all three of these scores.  

2020 State TEAMS Rankings

Overall State Rankings

The overall rankings are used to determine TEAMS Best-in-State. The top team in each state will receive a Best in State banner and medals for the students on the team. The top three teams at each level in the state will receive certificates.

Division rankings can be determined by downloading the rankings and sorting based on division. This allows teams to compare their scores to teams with similar demographics. (Divisions are determined by school population and admission criteria). Customizable certificates for division awards will be available soon in the coach online account. Division rankings are not used to determine state rankings or advancement to the National TEAMS Competition.

Competition Component Rankings 

The rankings below show state rankings for the Multiple Choice, Design/Build, and Essay components of the competition.

      2020 Multiple Choice 

      2020 Design/Build 

      2020 Essay 

State TEAMS rankings  from 20152019 are available upon request.