The virtual 2021 National TSA Conference general sessions will be available June 23rd through June 25th, beginning each day at 9:00am in your time zone. 


  • The deadline has passed for competitor substitutions.
  • Reliable internet access is required for conference participation. This applies to any location from which a student competes, including the local school.
  • TSA assumes no responsibility for a competitor’s inability to access national 
  • TSA conference virtual competitions, the TSA conference system, or necessary web-based content. 


  • Online exams will be available to competitors continuously in their Student Member Site account from 10:00am Eastern Time on June 1, 2021 to 6:00pm Eastern Time on June 4, 2021. 
  • For individual events, competitors may take a required exam at any time within the available timeframe noted.
  • For team events, all members of a team MUST take a required exam on the same date and at the same time. Failure to follow this procedure may result in team member exam scores not being averaged for a total preliminary-round score. 
  • Information on timed challenges and the general competition schedule can be found here.


  1. Semifinal ID numbers (individual and chapter/team) will be posted on a rolling basis via a national TSA website homepage link. 
    • For events with a semifinal round scheduled for June 1st or June 2nd, semifinalists will be posted on May 28th.   
    • For events with a semifinal round scheduled between June 3rd and June 21st, semifinalists will be posted 24 hours before the round.
  2. Chapter advisors will be notified of a chapter’s semifinalists for an event and receive a semifinals schedule for the event.
  3. Semifinalists will access their Student Member Site account to obtain information for items such as challenges, exams, and the video-conferencing platform for interviews and/or presentations. 
  4. The semifinalist videoconference platform (for interviews and presentations) is Doxy.me – a secure portal typically used for doctor/patient telemedicine.
  5. Semifinalists will access the Doxy.me link (and login instructions) for a specific semifinals “room” via their Student Member Site account. Interviews and presentations are conducted on the videoconference platform, Doxy.me.  Competitors participating in an event that includes an interview/presentation should complete a system check, on the device being used for the event, one day prior to their scheduled competition.  To conduct the system check, visit 
  6. Chapter advisors are not permitted in the live video conferencing environment for any semifinal portion of a competitive event.
  7. Chapter advisors must ensure that semifinalists are able to access the following: