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TEAMS Competitors 1The one-day TEAMS state competitions take place nationwide in February and March through a partnership with middle school and high school educators and professional organizations. More than 10,000 students will compete during the competition window—vying for division and state rankings and awards.

TEAMS helps to:

  • increase student knowledge about what engineers do and their impact on society.
  • introduce students to new academic concepts through real-world applications.
  • foster creativity, critical thinking, teamwork and problem solving skills.
  • bolster student confidence about their ability to participate in engineering projects and to solve problems.


State-level rankings are provided for each of the three competition components: Essay, Multiple Choice, and Design/Build. “Best in State” rankings are determined by combining all three of these scores. “Best in State” awards for the highest ranking teams in each state are announced in April. Teams whose combined overall state level score is among the top nationally will be eligible to compete at the National TEAMS Competitions.