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TEAMS competitions are held at sites nationwide between February and March each year through partnerships with high school and middle school educators. Teams may compete at their own school, a local site, or a neighboring school. All teams receive the same competition materials electronically and are eligible for state and division rankings regardless of where they participate.

Compete locally

Coaches may hold the competition at their own school for their own students. You may also choose to hold the competition at a local site, such as a community center or library, as long as the space adheres to your school's student safety protocols. The TEAMS Coach Guide provides instructions on how to plan for competition day.

Partner with a team in your area

Coaches may choose to partner with other teams in their area to host the competition at their school. If you choose to host the competition with other teams at your school, you must:

  • Serve as the main point-of-contact for the event
  • Set a schedule for the day
  • Secure and coordinate proctors (coaches may act as proctor)
  • Prepare the competition area

The following items are required for each team. These items must be brought to the competition by the visiting team, unless the host has specified otherwise:

  • One set of design/build materials
  • One set of printed design/build instructions
  • One set of printed multiple choice exam instructions
  • One laptop computer with internet access

Please note:

  • TSA does not: report the competition location and date; provide a hard copy of written materials; collect additional fees for any costs related to hosting
  • Each team is responsible for their registration and submission of the three competition components (essay, design/build, multiple choice) as instructed. This process is the same regardless of where you choose to compete.
  • If the competition is cancelled for any reason (including weather or changes to in-person learning) It is the coach's responsibility to reschedule the competition. TEAMS registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.