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Annual Theme

Focused on a new theme each year, original academic and innovative concepts are developed for TEAMS based on the National Academy of Engineering’s Grand Challenges. Tackling these challenges requires critical job-readiness skills such as collaboration, analytical thinking, and multi-dimensional problem-solving. The 2024 TEAMS theme is “Engineering Another World.”

Scenario Topics

The scenario topics below will be featured in the multiple choice portion of the 2024 competition. Each team will be assigned a combination of four scenario topics with ten questions each for a total of 40 questions.


asteroidMoving in Space: Your team will learn the basics of object motion in space and the physics behind movement. 


resource managementResource Management in a New WorldYour team will use a combination of models to forecast how a new society can manage its resources, compare different methods for implementing sustainable energy sources, and analyze how to distribute resources to various parts of the society.


renewable energyRenewable Energy to Power a New World: Your team will explore the energy needs of households and facilities to form a foundation for designing and implementing solitons that will optimize both solar and wind power systems and enhance the efficient and reliable generation of clean energy. 


powered flightPowered Flight as a Tool for a New World: Your team will use information that exists with what needs to be developed to envision different/new design options to mitigate fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions by the airline industry. Your team also will learn how powered flight based on fossil fuels might still have a place in an overall transition to a sustainable powered flight future.


photovoltaicsPowering Systems to make Vacations on the Moon a reality: Your team will explore environmentally friendly technology to power transportation in a new world, such as photovoltaics which uses the unique properties of semiconductors to directly convert solar radiation into electricity.

gravityGravity, Air, and other Challenges of a Different World : Teams will consider manufacturing materials, the effect of gravity - and food, water, and air supplies, when developing a settlement in a new world.


One-page overviews of each of the scenario topics with web links are available in the coach online account, once the coach has completed TEAMS registration.