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Pat Blount“TEAMS is a great opportunity for students to tackle challenging, topical, and interesting problems in a manner they have not experienced yet in education.”

—Pat Blout, TEAMS coach/secondary host, ID


Increase the excitement of students and invite other schools to participate at your location.   

Secondary Host Responsibilities

Secondary hosts serve as the main point-of-contact for their event and are responsible for inviting other schools and groups to participate at their location. Competitions must take place between February 5th and March 8th, 2020. Secondary hosts select their event date from within that window. Hosts must reserve appropriate-sized facility space and secure and coordinate volunteers for the event. 

While hosts are responsible for marketing their event and inviting participants, TSA coordinates registration and manages all registration fees. Free of charge—hosts are provided with online registration processing, tracking, and electronic notification of participants.

There is no fee to become a secondary host. TSA fully manages this program which provides hosts with pre-event planning support and materials, and pre-packaged competition materials and marketing tools including promotional brochures and web-based resources. All competition answer sheets are returned to national TSA for judging.

Apply  Now! 

Interested in serving as a TEAMS secondary host? Complete the secondary host application form. Once the application is received and processed by TSA, hosts are provided with their login credentials to set up their host record. The institution name will appear on the TEAMS website in the dropdown menu for competition sites, once the host online account is updated each year.