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Josh Langenberger
“Hosting a TEAMS event is the easiest way to bring the competition right to the front door of your own school. As an onsite host, the entire process is simple and it's an exciting day for all the kids!”

—Josh Langenberger, TEAMS coach/onsite host, NJ

Bring engineering to life. Hold the competition at your own school for your own students.

Onsite Host Responsibilities     

If you are not able to compete at a collegiate or secondary host site, you may also hold the competition at your own school for your own students. To do so, choose "Onsite Location" as the competition site when you register

The primary responsibility of a TEAMS onsite host coordinator is to plan and implement the one-day competition. Onsite locations have access to an Onsite Location Guide to help them plan the day.

There is no fee to become an onsite host. TSA fully manages this program which provides hosts with pre-event planning support and materials; pre-packaged competition materials; and marketing tools including promotional brochures and web-based resources. All competition answer sheets are returned to national TSA for judging.

Once registration is received, onsite hosts may access preparation materials via the coach online account.