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“TEAMS competitions on our campus are one of our most popular outreach events. TEAMS has allowed us the opportunity to interact with some of the best and brightest students our state has to offer. Each year, school and student participation grows.”

—Amber Retke, M.Ed., Director of Recruitment, College of Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Introduce your campus to some of the highest caliber STEM students in the nation.

Hosting TEAMS is a rewarding experience for collegiate, secondary, and onsite hosts. TEAMS competitions provide students with the opportunity to work collaboratively with other students; apply math and science skills to engineering design; and engage in one of the nation’s most challenging engineering competitions.

TEAMS Host Options:
  • Collegiate Host: As a collegiate host, you can hold the competition and invite nearby middle schools and/or high schools to compete on your university campus.
  • Secondary Host: As a coach, you can hold the competition at your own school for your students and invite other nearby middle schools and/or high schools to participate.
  • Onsite Host: As a coach, you can hold the competition at your own school with students from your school or group.

The primary host responsibility is to serve as coordinator of the event. There is no fee to become a TEAMS host.

Hosts receive complete, ready-to-use resources, and competition materials. TSA provides:

  • Host guide with hosting instructions 
  • Pre-packaged competition materials in hard copy form, printed and ready for distribution
  • Online registration for participating schools
  • Marketing support such as brochures and flyers
  • Customizable participation certificates