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TSA makes it easy to experience TEAMS and provides all coaches with the following resources:

  • coach online account access
  • coaching guide
  • sample questions from previous competitions and tips for answering successfully
  • resources to explore engineering disciplines
  • competition scenario summaries
  • registration confirmation with competition date, location, and site contact information

Practice Resources

Once registration is complete and TSA has received either payment or a school purchase order for your team(s), you may access the resources on your TEAMS coach online account to make the most of your competition preparation and access your Coach Guide; competition scenariosprevious competition questions and sample essay questions and solutions; and supplemental resources and tips for group decision making and problem-solving strategies.  

  • Competition Scenarios: The multiple choice portion of the competition is based on a theme each year through scenarios. Overviews, which provide background information and website resources, are posted in the coach online account.  
  • Monthly Math Challenge: Monthly Math Challenges are available to students from November through February. These are designed to get students thinking about and using the type of math they may encounter during the TEAMS competition. TEAMS coaches should submit student answers to monthly math challenges using the submission link on the website. Submissions with correct answers will be entered into a drawing for a $25 Visa gift card.
  • Sample Practice Questions: The TEAMS competition has three components: Design/Build, Multiple Choice, and Essay. See examples; more are provided in your coach online account

Promotional Resources

The following links provide resources to promote TEAMS participation:

Contact us to request printed copies of any of these resources.