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TSA makes it easy to experience TEAMS and provides all coaches with the following resources:

  • coach online account access
  • coaching guide
  • sample questions from previous competitions and tips for answering successfully
  • resources to explore engineering disciplines
  • competition scenario summaries
  • registration confirmation with instructions for hosting the competition at your team's school

Practice Resources

Once registration is complete and TSA has received either payment or a school purchase order for your team(s), you may access the resources on your TEAMS coach online account to make the most of your competition preparation and access your Coach Guide; competition scenariosprevious competition questions and sample essay questions and solutions; and supplemental resources and tips for group decision making and problem-solving strategies.  

  • Competition Scenarios: The multiple choice portion of the competition is based on a theme each year through scenarios. Overviews, which provide background information and website resources, are posted in the coach online account.  
  • Math Challenge: Math Challenges are available to students to use as a practice tool. These are designed to get students thinking about and using the type of math they may encounter during the TEAMS competition.
  • Sample Practice Questions: The TEAMS competition has three components: Design/Build, Multiple Choice, and Essay. See examples; more are provided in your coach online account

Promotional Resources

The following links provide resources to promote TEAMS participation: