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TEAMS Monthly Alumni Spotlights: The Mantis Shrimps

Students around the globe have benefited from the TEAMS experience. Members of The Mantis Shrimps from Mission San Jose, CA participated in TEAMS for five years and went on to receive admissions to Ivy League universities such as Columbia, Cornell, and Harvard; engineering powerhouses such as MIT and Georgia Tech; and other prestigious institutions such as Stanford, University of California-Berkeley, and UCLA.

Click on their TEAMS Alumni Spotlights below, to read reflections on how their TEAMS journey helped them grow in their personal and professional pursuits and gain academic success:

Pranshu Chaturvedi

"TEAMS has played an integral role in helping me develop my presentation skills and in fostering a sense of curiosity in STEM fields. I think TEAMS can help any student who is aspiring to pursue a STEM discipline, gain a holistic overview on how to be successful."