resources banner logoTechnology Student Association (TSA) and partnership is enabling TSA members and advisors to explore the ways apprenticeship programs can launch high-skilled, family-sustaining careers. Apprenticeship is a demand-driven, high-quality career pathway through which employers can develop and prepare their future workforce—and individuals can obtain paid work experience, classroom instruction, and a portable credential to earn and learn.

Apprenticeship offers several benefits for students and career seekers, including:

  • Paid Work: Earn a paycheck from day one
  • Mentorship: Connect with people who can teach you
  • Work-based Learning: Get hands-on industry training
  • Classroom Training: Gain knowledge and a quality education
  • Portable Credentials: Receive an industry-recognized credential

Ready to start your career and build your skillset through apprenticeship? Visit the Apprenticeship Finder to see open apprenticeship opportunities, or check with your local school administrator to find out if your high school has a youth apprenticeship program.

FREE Resources for Middle School and High School Educators Jobs of the FutureAre you a TSA chapter advisor interested in learning more about apprenticeship? Check out the free resources below and visit High School and Middle School Educators for more stories of youth apprentices and apprenticeship program resources.

  • Help Middle School Students Discover Apprenticeship: The U.S. Department of Labor has collaborated with Scholastic to develop materials to introduce middle school students, parents, and teachers to future careers and apprenticeships. It is not too early for middle school students to start thinking about their future careers and learn how apprenticeship can serve as a foundation for jumpstarting their career!
  • Get Started with High School Apprenticeship: View this guide to learn how to start a high school apprenticeship program that will allow youth to explore a career and develop occupational skills while in high school.

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