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As one of the eight Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) recognized by the federal government, the Technology Student Association (TSA) provides middle and high school students with opportunities for leadership, teamwork, community service, personal growth, and recognition. Your student’s chapter will plan a program of work for the year that will include technology competitions and activities and will help prepare your student for entry into college and/or the workforce.

More than 60 middle and high school events in a wide range of STEM fields challenge competitors in topics such as Biotechnology Design, Community Service Video, Fashion Design and Technology, Medical Technology, Photographic Technology, Software Development, Structural Engineering, Webmaster, and more.

Opportunities abound through committee participation and officer candidate programs, as well as through the LEAP program.

Personal Growth
As students work on TSA related projects, they learn to engage as a team, to accept and give recognition, to increase their knowledge and to help others. TSA provides the structure for a successful group experience, shaped and managed by the student membership with the assistance of an adult advisor.

How You Can Help
Your most important role as a TSA parent is to encourage and support your student as they engage in TSA activities. This could involve volunteering to help drive to a competition, supporting a TSA parent booster group and fundraising initiatives, volunteering as a judge at a local, state, or National TSA Conference, or being “on call” for the chapter advisor when they need an additional set of hands. Whether your student is just starting out as a TSA member or has been a member for many years, you can have a significant impact on their experience by being an interested and enthusiastic partner in their TSA experience. For specific ideas on how you can best help your child’s chapter, contact the TSA advisor at their school.