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Steve Murray

Steve Murray

Carthage High School, Carthage, TX
B.A. History, Louisiana College
M.A. History, Auburn University
Director, Alabama Department of Archives and History

What did you gain in TSA?

In my current position, my duties include the establishment of public policy regarding records management and retention, the preservation of our state's greatest historical treasures, and the promotion of effective social studies and civics education. TSA expanded my boundaries and increased my self-confidence through competition, travel, service, and leadership opportunities. Many hours of Chapter Team practice and competition developed skills that I use frequently while presiding at public meetings and serving on boards. Going to the National TSA Conference introduced me to new parts of the country and instilled in me, a love of travel. Our chapter's numerous community-oriented projects contributed to my appreciation for public service and influenced my career choices. Service as a chapter officer gave me experience in leading a team and creating friendships with people from diverse backgrounds—abilities that are crucial to success in my workplace.

What advice do you have for current TSA members?

Take advantage of as many opportunities as you can! Change is one of the few constants in 21st century life, and TSA will help you develop skills needed to adapt in a dynamic world. Most importantly, enjoy the time you spend with fellow members and advisers, and make some great memories along the way.