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Sri Nimmagadda

Sridutt Nimmagadda

Henry M. Jackson High School, Mill Creek WA
A.B. in Public and International Affairs (w/ Certificates in Statistics, Machine Learning, South Asian Studies), Princeton University
Product Management/Strategy, National Football League (NFL)

What did you gain in TSA?

TSA provided an avenue through which I could pursue leadership—in my case, in local, state, and national offices. However, leadership is often (and some would argue, typically) not about simply trailblazing your own path and breathing your own vision to life. Often, it's about working within constraints; whether the differing opinions of your colleagues or the stances taken by other stakeholders in your organization, you will find yourself surrounded by people who will tell you “No” when trying to enact change in your organization. This lesson has been paramount as I've moved through my career, and TSA offered me leadership opportunities through which this insight has been ingrained. Being told "no" in positions of leadership is not an opportunity to be discouraged. I would argue that nothing truly special and worth doing has been or will be easy.

What advice do you have for current TSA members?
TSA provides members opportunities to move beyond competing in events to network with other like-minded members across the country, and gain a more holistic view of what technology and engineering mean to different people. My advice for current students is to leverage this diversity in thought and experience, by moving out of respective comfort zones to meet new people and compete in events initially unconsidered. Part of being a fuller human is having access to a diversity of experience that allows you to confront your own intellectual and social biases, and TSA can enable you in this regard. I am happy to speak with and mentor current and past TSA members.