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Dhruv Pillai

Welsh Valley Middle School & Harriton High School, PA
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Harvard University
Product Engineer, Axiom Exergy 

What did you gain in TSA?

TSA helped prepare me for my career very directly by introducing me to the fields of technology and engineering. Many of the interests I have today, I first discovered through TSA when I became interested in energy systems and their impact on climate change. Today, I am able to work on exciting solutions to the problems that confront the modern energy grid, and I build on the concepts that I worked on through events such as Environmental Challenge.

Also, I am most grateful for the experience that TSA gave me in leadership and public speaking when I served as chapter president, state treasurer and vice president; and national TSA president. These skills are much more difficult to pick up in a classroom, and I certainly feel fortunate to have had an opportunity to speak in front of peers and communicate ideas. Now I use these skills every day at Axiom, as we defend design decisions, collaborate on concepts, etc.

What advice do you have for current TSA student members? 

Go with your gut and challenge yourself—if you are curious about signing up for an event you have never tried before, go to a state conference for the first time, or run for an office on any level. Do it.

Achieving something you never thought you could is definitely one of the best feelings you can experience, but what is even more important are the lessons you learn, however your endeavor works out. People who are ultimately successful do not necessarily start out that way. If you are driven and fearless, it is really just a question of when you succeed. If you are lucky—maybe now; if you are persistent, definitely later.