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Abu Barrie

Riverdale High School, Riverdale, GA
B.A. Political Science, University of Maryland; M.A. International Affairs, The New School

What are you doing now?

I currently work for the education-centered nonprofit City Year in New York City. Its goal is to bridge the gap between what schools systems can provide and what students need. We take AmeriCorps members who volunteer a year of service and place them in schools to help students improve their grades, attendance, and coursework improvement. I am the senior development operations manager, in charge of creating, implementing, executing, and managing all policies, standards, and procedures for our development department. I also oversee our donor database, execute fundraising events, and manage a donor pipeline of roughly four million dollars a year.

What did you gain in TSA that helped you in your career?

TSA gave me a passion to learn, which I strive to do every day. My TSA advisor, Mr. Steve Price, taught me that I could always do and be better. I learned what it meant to be a leader by holding officer positions at my school and ultimately as a Georgia TSA officer. I learned to be detail-oriented and concise in my work to produce the best possible results. The skills I gained from TSA aided me through college and even now, they boost my post-graduate career. I can honestly say that without TSA I would not be where I am in my career in the concrete jungle that is New York.

What advice do you have for current TSA members?

Take every opportunity given to you as a student member of TSA to learn and develop yourself to become a well-rounded individual, because the skills and experience you take from TSA, will prove useful throughout your life.