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TSA Advisor Resources


TOTAL TSA contains membership materials and the Competitive Events Guide. Once a chapter is affiliated, all advisors for that chapter will have electronic access to TOTAL TSA.* 

  • Membership Materials

Whether you are new to TSA or a seasoned advisor, TSA’s membership materials will help you run your chapter effectively. They provide guidelines for organizing and managing your chapter, as well as suggestions for promotion and recruitment. 

  • Competitive Events Guide

TSA offers its members challenging technology and leadership competitions. Every two years, TSA's competitive events are reviewed and revised by the Competition Regulations Committee (CRC), a standing group of technology and engineering educators with hands-on classroom experience. The Competitive Events Guide* contains TSA’s general rules and regulations as well as detailed information for each competitive event at that level. All TSA competitions are correlated with national STEM standards and can be integrated into and support STEM curriculum.

*The information in TOTAL TSA and the Competitive Events Guide is copyrighted and intended for use only with your TSA chapter members. Beyond that use, it may not be shared or reproduced in any form or by any means without documented permission of national TSA.


Throughout the year, national TSA communicates with TSA chapter advisors in a variety of ways, including: 

  • Emails with important and timely information, including reminders and deadlines related to the National TSA Conference.
  • Postcards highlighting upcoming TSA happenings to share with your TSA chapter members.
  • Social media updates on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


TSA state advisors serve as a resource for chapter advisors who need information about implementing TSA programs and building membership. To learn more about TSA in your state, contact your state advisor.


The CRC is responsible for developing TSA's competitive events, updating them as necessary, and presiding over the competitive events at the annual National TSA Conference. For questions about a specific event, contact the coordinator or manager for that event. 


Encourage your TSA members to take advantage of MyTSA, a free digital platform to catalog and save TSA milestones conveniently in one place. When TSA members create a MyTSA account, the information entered is stored and accessible throughout their TSA experience and beyond.


National TSA Staff members are available year-round to assist you with membership questions: