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TSA Friendships

Emma Hopson 2018-2019 National TSA Treasurer (Mandatory Image Courtesy 2019
by Emma Hopson
2018–2019 National TSA Treasurer

The Technology Student Association is a wonderful and diverse collection of STEM-minded individuals. One of the perks of having so many people in TSA: you are bound to make lasting friendships with like-minded people. These special bonds can transcend competition and develop into meaningful friendships that could extend beyond high school.

These friends can come from anywhere, too. State TSA conferences are the perfect place to make friends from schools across your state. The National TSA Conference—this summer, set for Washington, D.C.—draws people from California to Turkey, and everywhere in between. It is so rewarding to meet such an incredible group of people.

By attending the Colorado TSA State Conference for five years, I have made close friends from other schools within my state. Having friends at the state conference makes the conference that much more exciting. Not only are they great company at conferences, but they also support you and your endeavors. When the 3D printer at my school broke, a friend from another school was able to print my event for me.

I have made friends from TSA chapters in places where I never thought I would make friends; these people have become very important to me. I am so thankful for this organization and the relationships I have made through my involvement. I challenge each of you to create meaningful friendships at this year’s state and national conferences.