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Awesome Impacts

Benjamin Abt 2018-2019 National TSA Reporter (Mandatory Image Courtesy 2019
by Ben Abt
2018–2019 National TSA Reporter

"The time that my advisors have invested in me, has paid off greatly and every day, I realize how much they have changed my life." 

 Your Technology Student Association (TSA) advisors are monumental in creating your TSA experience and I can say confidently that my advisors have had a large impact on my TSA experience and my life. I have been lucky enough to have been with my advisors for all seven years of my TSA career, and they are largely responsible for me becoming who I am today.

In the sixth grade, my advisors stepped in and began to mentor me, teaching me new skills that sparked my interest in STEM. In the classroom, I was able to make mistakes that I would otherwise have made in my career, allowing me to learn from them before going out into the “real world.” My advisors took advantage of these moments and helped turn them into teaching experiences, advancing my knowledge. My advisors took the time to help me improve my writing, speaking, and interviewing abilities, preparing me to become a national TSA officer and allowing me to not only be successful in my TSA events, but also to be successful in other endeavors such as college interviews.

The time that my advisors have invested in me has paid off greatly and every day, I realize how much they have changed my life. The skills and interests they have provided me, have propelled me to want to continue my STEM education by pursuing mechanical engineering in college. Year-round, and as we mark TSA Advisor Appreciation Week February 11 to 15, 2019—I cannot thank my advisors enough for what they have done for me. I hope that everyone reading this takes a moment to step back and think about what their advisors have done for them in the past few years. TSA has a massive impact on the trajectory of many peoples’ lives, and great advisors are responsible for these awesome impacts.