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Alexander King 2018-2019 National TSA President (Mandatory Image Courtesy www.TSAweb.orgAugust 2018
by Alexander King
National TSA President

It is truly my pleasure to serve as your 2018–2019 national TSA president. I am humbled and honored to be entrusted with upholding the values ingrained in our organization’s more than 40-year history. Why not begin this new school year with the introduction of your new national TSA officer team? We are six individuals whose hometowns span from Colorado to Pennsylvania. Each of us brings special character traits that allow us to serve TSA to the best of our abilities.

2018-2019 National TSA Officers (Mandatory Image Courtesy www.TSAweb (26) - CopyYour national TSA officer team met from July 17–20, 2018 in Reston, VA to develop our program of work. Immediately we made a connection and felt as if we had been close friends for years and would become lifelong friends.

Your national vice president from Alabama is Isabella Eleogo—a free spirit with a kind heart whose joyful personality is beyond contagious. Audrey Garoutte from Missouri is serving proudly as national TSA secretary. She has been given the nickname of “team mom,” which suits her because of her nurturing personality and willingness to care for others. From sewing patches on blazers to having a first aid kit, she makes it her goal to take care of everyone on the officer team.

Serving as your national TSA reporter from Pennsylvania is Ben Abt, who has become like a brother to me. Ben is from Pennsylvania and with me being from Georgia, I have been teaching him the culture of the South. From Colorado is Emma Hopson, your national TSA treasurer. She has such a big heart and desire to serve others. Her drive and passion for this organization is tremendous. Also from Missouri—your national sergeant-at-arms, Ashley Stokes—the “punniest” person I know. Before meeting her, I thought I was a Harry Potter fanatic, but Ashley definitely takes that title.

Your 2018–2019 national TSA officer team is excited to announce this year's social media hashtag: #OneTSA. More than 250,000 students from around the country come together with the common goal of “learning to lead in a technical world.” We may come from different schools, different cultures, and different backgrounds, but we proudly represent #OneTSA. Be sure to use this hashtag on all of the national TSA social media platforms. We are eager to serve our great organization this year!