For the 2020-2021 school year an online school (a school without a "brick and mortar" building) may affiliate a TSA chapter with full membership privileges, however, online schools may only compete virtually.  

TSA online school benefits include: 

  • 62 competitive events offered in a virtual format
  • Chapter management tools for online chapters 
  • Monthly warm-up challenges to enhance the competition experience 
  • Member-of-the-month recognition 
  • Career pathway learning opportunities 
  • 21st century leadership skills activities 
  • Online pop up events - such as speakers, podcasts, videos, virtual field trips, and webinars 
  • The opportunity to compete at the 2021 virtual national TSA conference 

Online schools must choose among TSA’s three curriculum-integrated membership programs and pay the applicable affiliation dues. An online school which affiliates a Red, White or Blue CAP chapter is limited to having 1000 members.  Click here for membership program information.

Online schools should check with their TSA state advisor for information on the availability of virtual regional and state conferences.  

Student members of an online school are not eligible to run for state or national office. 

Questions?  Please contact Suzy Orr