Who are TSA members? 

Any student who is benefiting from TSA services and materials must be an active member of TSA.  For example, if TSA materials are being used in a classroom, then all students in that class must be rostered TSA members. Alternatively, all students who participate in a before or after school chapter must be rostered TSA members. 

How do chapter advisors access the competitive events guide?

Once a chapter’s affiliation is complete, advisors will receive an automated email with instructions on how to access TOTAL TSA and the competitive events guide. Chapter affiliation is complete when payment or an approved purchase order is received by the national TSA office. 

Does a chapter need to have 10 members to affiliate?

Red CAP is TSA’s minimum level of membership and pays for up to 10 members. Chapters may affiliate as a Red CAP with fewer than ten members and add members (up to ten) during the year at no additional cost. This allows chapters to have access to TSA materials to support and enhance their CTE curriculum and enrich student engagement.   

What membership category is best for a chapter?

  • Chapters with up to 10 members should choose Red CAP.
  • Chapters with 11 or more members should choose White CAP.
  • Blue CAP is unlimited membership and is beneficial for large chapters with more than 35 members (the number varies based on state dues). 

What if a chapter is unsure of membership numbers for the school year?

If you are unsure how many members you will have for the school year, you should affiliate your chapter with the minimum number of interested students. You may add student members throughout the year, and will be invoiced at the time you add them. Please note, once a student member is added to the chapter roster, they are a TSA member for the year, and their name may not be removed or replaced with another student name. 

How can chapter members be added?

Chapter advisors can add members at any time throughout the year by logging into their chapter account, and selecting Add Students.  When a Red CAP chapter adds members beyond 10, it is automatically converted to a White CAP chapter, and an invoice will be generated for the additional members. Blue CAP chapters may add members at any time at no additional cost. 

If a member drops out of a chapter during the year, can another student be substituted?

Once a student name is added to the chapter roster, that student is a TSA member for the year. Substitutions or refunds for membership are not permitted.

Do chapter advisors pay a fee?

When a chapter affiliates, there is a national $10 advisor fee for all registered advisors plus any applicable state advisor fees. If an advisor serves at more than one school, the advisor fee will be charged per chapter. The chapter advisor must be a registered state-certified educator (typically the school technology and engineering teacher).

What is the membership term?
Membership in TSA is for each school year, starting when the chapter affiliates for the current school year, and ending at the conclusion of the annual national TSA conference. 

How can chapters convert to a Blue CAP membership?

If chapters experience a large growth in membership numbers, they may easily convert to a Blue CAP membership at any time throughout the year. Chapter advisors login to their chapter account and click on Convert to Blue CAP for instructions.

Can a school have more than one TSA chapter?

Schools may have more than one TSA chapter provided that the chapters represent different levels, middle school and high school.  Separate membership dues must be paid for each chapter. Once affiliated, chapters only have access to the competitive events guide for their level. 

Can home-schooled students be members of TSA?

TSA does not exclude home-schooled students from becoming members. However, membership in TSA is strictly through school-affiliated chapters in a local state-registered education district. Home-schooled students may join one chapter in their community with the approval of the school’s administration. 

Can virtual schools have TSA chapters?

TSA membership is limited to “brick and mortar” schools, and is not available for virtual or online education programs.

How do chapters qualify for priority membership?

In order for chapters to qualify for priority membership, they must affiliate by the designated date (typically on or around November 15th). Priority membership chapters receive a gold seal affiliation certificate, a small gift as a token of appreciation, and uninterrupted membership service. 

Is there a national deadline for affiliation?

Chapters may affiliate at any time throughout the school year. Affiliated chapters may add members at any time during the year.  However, many states have affiliation deadlines in order to compete at state conferences. 

What are the membership dues?

State and national membership dues may be viewed on the national TSA website.

Where can TSA membership affiliation policies be found?

TSA’s Member Affiliation Policies are posted on the national TSA website. 

More questions?

Please contact Membership Manager Suzy Orr via email or by calling 1-888-860-9010 (toll-free).