Membership FAQs

Who are TSA members?
How do TSA chapter advisors access the competitive events guide?
What is the fastest way to get access to the competition guidelines?
Does a TSA chapter need to have 10 members to affiliate?
What membership category is best for a TSA chapter?
What if a TSA chapter is unsure of membership numbers for the school year?
How can TSA chapter members be added?
If a member drops out of a TSA chapter during the year, can another student be substituted?
Do TSA chapter advisors pay a fee?
What is the membership term?
How can TSA chapters convert to a Blue CAP membership?
Can a school have more than one TSA chapter?
Can homeschooled students be members of TSA?
How do TSA chapters qualify for priority membership?
Is there a national deadline for affiliation?
What are the affiliation policies and membership dues?
Are there videos that feature information about TSA’s programs, activities, and resources?