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When paying for TSA membership dues poses a challenge, the Champion Fund may provide an opportunity to bring TSA to middle schools and high schools. Through the Champion Fund, Red CAP membership costs (up to 10 members and one advisor) for approved schools are covered for one school year. Newly-affiliated chapters can discover all that TSA membership has to offer, including a wide range of challenging STEM-related competitions, and education, leadership, and career resources.

Your school may be eligible if the school:    

  1. has never had a TSA chapter and there is no school or community financial support available to pay membership dues.
  2. has not had a TSA chapter for at least three years and there is no school or community financial support available to pay membership dues.
  3. has had a TSA chapter within the last three years, but currently is experiencing economic hardship because of a disaster.

Submitted applications are reviewed by a committee to determine eligibility and are processed on a first come, first served basis depending upon available funding. All applications require a principal’s signature. Schools receiving financial support from the Champion Fund are kept anonymous.


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Through your donations, the Champion Fund continues to help start TSA chapters at schools with financial considerations. Tax deductible donations may be made by individuals (such as members, officers, advisors, alumni, or parents), local chapters, state delegations, schools, communities, businesses, or other individuals or groups. Donors will receive an electronic receipt.

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For more information about the Champion Fund, contact Maria Raza