The 2022 National TSA Conference app offers attendees access to competitive event schedules, semifinalist and finalist postings, conference highlights and the full program of activities. Attendees will also receive important conference information through app push notifications.

The app can be accessed through an email invitation being sent to all registered attendees from Guidebook. The app is also available through this link,

It is recommended that you use the email option (and not the password option) to receive an automated email with a login link. Be sure to enter the email address used for conference registration. The login link can only be used once and will expire 30 minutes from when the email is delivered to your inbox.

It is suggested that you use your cell phone to access the login link.

Please note that the session times in the Event Schedule will localize to the time zone in which you are located when accessing the app. Once you arrive in Dallas, the session times will automatically be updated to Central Daylight Time.