2020 - 2021 School Year

Virtual Competitions FAQs

Why is there a need for TSA to offer virtual competitive events?
What are the differences between the traditional TSA competitive events and virtual TSA competitive events for the 2020-2021 school year?
Have the eligibility requirements changed for virtual competitive events?
If my school switches from in-person learning to distance learning (or vice versa) during this school year, which guide should I use to prepare for competitive events?
What happens if my state delegation does not have an in-person regional or state conference? Are chapter members still eligible to participate in a TSA state advisor approval event?
Why is the due date for virtual competitive event entries May 15, 2021?
Will chapters have to register by that deadline to participate?
What is the dress code for participation in virtual events?
Is there any paperwork required to participate in virtual events?
Do all of the traditional TSA competitive events have a corresponding virtual version?
Can members compete at both the virtual 2021 national TSA conference and the on-site 2021 national TSA conference?
Can a member who competed at a virtual state delegation state advisor approval event compete in the same event on-site at the 2021 national TSA conference?
Can state advisors designate contestants for the national TSA conferences (virtual and on-site) regardless if the events were held virtually or on-site at the state level?

2021 Virtual Competitive Events

High School
Middle School