Cybersecurity is a rapidly expanding field in Information Technology that deals with protecting computer systems including the hardware, software, data storage, and network. The digital data storage boom is leaving companies vulnerable to breaches at a faster rate than ever before, resulting in an increasing demand to protect their systems from attacks. Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions have become highly useful in educating students on important concepts in the attack and defense of computer systems.

The Technology Student Association’s Cybersecurity competition is a Capture The Flag (CTF) competition and is offered to 2018–2019 affiliated high school chapters.  To prepare for the 2019 National TSA Conference in the Washington, D.C area, chapters may register teams (two [2] teams of two to six [2-6] individuals per chapter) to compete virtually against other TSA chapters using CTFd, an open source CTF framework.  Chapters will be able to track their progress/scores via an online scoreboard. There is no state-level Cybersecurity competition offered in 2019. TSA intends to offer the Cybersecurity event at the state level in 2020.    


Available upon registration; see instructions below.


Chapter advisors are required to upload a completed Student/Parent Consent form for each chapter member who is participating in the Cybersecurity competition via Google Forms.

TSA Student and Parent Consent and Release Form for Participating in Internet-Based Competitions/Acceptable Use Policy

6. Upload signed Student and Parent Consent and Release Forms via Google Forms. The Consent Form and a corresponding Google Form must be submitted for every participating student.

Once registered and Student/Parent Consent forms are uploaded and verified by TSA, chapter advisors will receive an email with the link and instructions to register their teams on the CTFd platform.