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Learning how to build and program a robot can be a challenging process, but the educational opportunities of innovation, creativity, and perseverance are invaluable.

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The Technology Student Association VEX IQ Challenge (VIQC, middle school) and the TSA VEX Robotics Competition (VRC, high school) enable members to challenge themselves in a fun and interactive game setting while engaging in a thought provoking, multidisciplinary, STEM activity. Each year, an engineering challenge is presented in the form of an exciting game in which participants build innovative robots with guidance from their teachers and mentors.


Throughout the design process, participants activate critical thinking skills while exploring the relationship among science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to produce a dynamic robotics product. The TSA VEX Robotics Competition offers a exhilarating platform to test a robot’s efficiency and productivity against other robots designed by their peers.   

The format of the VEX TSA National Championship for the 2020-2021 competition season will be as follows: 

For the 2021 National TSA Virtual Conference, eligible teams may participate in a remote skills only event with virtual judging. Teams will need a field at their location and will videoconference with a VEX head referee and judges, one team on the field at a time. If the team does not have videoconferencing capabilities, then there is an additional option of recording the match and emailing a link of that video to the designated head referee.

Affiliated TSA chapters must qualify at the state level to be eligible to compete at the TSA VEX national championship at the National TSA Conference. Please check with your state delegation regarding the competition options available at the state conference. 

VEX IQ Challenge Game Manual (includes Skills) – Annual theme: “Rise Above

VEX Robotics Competition Game Manual (Separate link for Skills) – Annual theme: “Change Up

Check the Frequently Asked Questions for additional information pertaining to the TSA VEX Robotics competitive event. 

Questions? Please contact Janice Cabahug, TSA competitions manager or VEX Robotics.