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Through its partnership with the Robotics Education Foundation (REC), the TSA VEX IQ Robotics Competition (TVIQRC Middle School) and the TSA VEX Robotics Competition (TVRC High School) enable TSA members to challenge themselves in a fun and interactive game setting while engaging in a thought-provoking, multidisciplinary STEM activity. Each year, an engineering challenge is presented in the form of an exciting game in which participants build innovative robots with guidance from their teachers and mentors. 

Throughout the design process, participants activate critical thinking skills while exploring STEM concepts to produce a dynamic robotics product. The TSA VEX IQ Robotics Competition and the TSA VEX Robotics Competition offer a platform to test a robot’s efficiency and productivity against other robots designed by peers. 

‘FULL VOLUME’ 2024 Middle School TSA VEX IQ Competition (TVIQRC)* 

‘OVER UNDER’ 2024 High School TSA VEX VRC Competition (TVRC) * 

  • REC/VEX State Support Contacts 
  • Teams registering as TVIQRC and TVRC will not be charged an annual VEX competition registration fee, but they must be a part of a TSA affiliated chapter. 
  • Annual Robot Event registration is required to attend any TSA event including local TSA events, state conferences, and the national conference.  Teams must register by May 1, 2024. 
  • For VEX competition information regarding the 2024 National TSA Conference, see Frequently Asked Questions. For additional questions, please contact Lynda Haitz.

*Entries must be started and completed during the current school year.

REC Foundation Resource Library

Qualifying Criteria for VIQC, VRC, and VEX U Non-TSA Robot Events


Qualifying Criteria is specific for events qualifying to an REC Foundation Event Region Championship and to VEX Worlds. 

Teams will be permitted to register as both a TSA-VRC and a VRC team (the same for TSA-TVIQRC and VIQRC) and will need such a registration to attend each type of event if they so desire. One registration has no bearing on the other, including Skills Scores earned (for example: a Robot Skills Score earned at a TSA-VRC event will not be posted on the Robot Skills World Standings in VRC). 

Teams registering as a VIQRC or VRC team will be subject to the program’s annual team registration fee, currently $200. This team registration is required to attend any event on the VRC or VIQRC registration page including events that qualify teams for VIQRC or VRC Event Region Championships and the World Championship.