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JSS Jumpstart logoJunior Solar Sprint (JSS) Jumpstart is an onsite, elementary school-based event that provides elementary-level fifth and sixth grade students with a fun, hands-on opportunity to learn more about renewable energy by building solar powered cars:

  • Teachers, volunteers, and participants in JSS Jumpstart are required to register. Click here to register. 
  • The JSS competitive event guidelines/general rules will be accessible, once teachers have registered.
  • Participants will need to purchase their own supplies.
  • JSS Jumpstart participants are not members of TSA and will not pay TSA any dues.

JSS Jumpstart 2JSS Jumpstart participants may not compete at state TSA conferences, but may participate at the National TSA Conference at their own expense.

The participation will be at the middle school level, limited to one team per elementary school, which will be selected by the elementary school.

Registrants and participants must adhere to all related rules and guidelines. For more information, contact JSS Manager Sue King.

Share your Story

Consider sharing your JSS Jumpstart team stories and images with us by uploading your files. They could be featured in the new, JSS e-newsletter, "The Mile Marker."