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Remember to register on Cvent for the 2021–2022 Junior Solar Sprint (JSS) competition:

2022 JSS/TSA middle school chapters
2022 JSS/TSA Title 1 middle school chapters

PITSCO Ray Catcher Sprint KitJSS Welcome PosterIf you are a TSA middle school chapter advisor at a Title 1 school, or an elementary school interested in bringing JSS Jumpstart to fifth and sixth graders, your school can receive up to three free kits. Each kit, which contains a solar panel, electric motor, and a pair of small alligator clips for easy hookup, meets the minimum specifications for JSS.

Go to this webpage and click on Junior Solar Sprint for the latest competition updates.

Junior Solar Sprint (JSS) Cvent Registration FAQ

What is Cvent?
What is Junior Solar Sprint (JSS) Cvent registration?
What does Cvent registration cost?
What do I receive after I register?
Am I obligated to participate in a JSS event after I register?
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Are there free resources available to assist JSS coaches with the implementation of the JSS program?

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JSS The Mile Marker e-newsletterIn addition, consider sending your JSS team story and images to us. They could be featured in the new JSS e-newsletter, "The Mile Marker." See and share the latest editions. Check out the 2018 and 2019 National JSS Competition Facebook albums.


About JSS

JSS is administered by the Technology Student Association (TSA) with a grant awarded by the Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP). Supported by the U.S. Army since 2001, JSS offers resources to empower teachers, mentors, and other community members to engage fifth through eighth grade students in the designing, building, and racing of model solar cars. Students develop teamwork and problem solving abilities, investigate environmental issues, and gain hands-on STEM skills to build the fastest, most interesting, and best crafted vehicles possible. JSS provides an online resource center for educators, and is an official TSA competition. 

JSS 3JSS Video Resources

Gear up for the competition by watching four, free webinars and a video hosted by Bob Walters:

  1. JSS: Basic Concepts
  2. JSS: Design and Fabrication Concepts
  3. JSS: Making Vehicles Competitive
  4. JSS: Tips and Techniques - Designing and Building
  5. JSS: Battery Connection


In Focus

See more JSS images and check out the latest competition coverage from coast-to-coast:

JSS Jumpstart Coatesville ASD PAAbout JSS Jumpstart
Are you a teacher in a fifth or sixth grade class, based in an elementary school, who wants to give your students a jump start on JSS? Learn more about JSS Jumpstart.

Questions? Please contact Sue King.