TSA’s leadership program was recently revised.  All references to LEAP, required LEAP documentation, and LEAP interviews will no longer be a part of the competitive events program. The LEAP Legacy Chapter program has also ended.

Beginning with the 2020-2021 school year, TSA’s leadership program will be based on the 21st century leadership skills. Chapter members will have the opportunity to develop 21st century leadership skills and demonstrate them through participation in middle and high school competitions.

21st Century Skills for TSA – a Virtual Leadership Resource

Monthly training videos, developed by Kent Julian, nationally known youth motivational speaker, include content geared toward both middle school and high school chapter members.  These five to 10-minute videos focus on three to four leadership and 21st century skills and are customized for TSA members.

Initial topics include:

  • Teamwork and Social Skills in Both a Traditional and Virtual Setting
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
  • Dependability and Integrity

Students will access a downloadable 21st Century Leadership Journal to complete activities related to the video topics. There will be one “journal entry” per video designed to help students take ownership of the 21st century and leadership lessons learned.

A unique and private URL specific to TSA users is provided via the TSA membership system to access all videos and downloadable resources. Student members must set up an account on the private URL to track their usage and progress.  21st Century Skills for TSA resources will be available to affiliated members only.  Join/login here: https://tsamembership.registermychapter.com/#