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The Technology Student Association (TSA) administers Junior Solar Sprint (JSS) with a grant awarded by the Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP), to serve as an online resource center for educators, and as an official TSA competition. 

About JSS
Supported by the U.S. Army since 2001, JSS offers resources to empower teachers, mentors, and other community members to engage fifth through eighth grade students in the designing, building, and racing of model solar cars. Students develop teamwork and problem solving abilities, investigate environmental issues, and gain hands-on STEM skills to build the fastest, most interesting, and best crafted vehicle possible.

NEW FOR 2019!
If you're a middle school TSA chapter advisor interested in implementing JSS in your classroom, you can receive two, FREE PITSCO Ray Catcher Kits ($82.70 value) once you have registered your team for JSS through Cvent. Each kit contains a solar panel, electric motor, and a pair of small alligator clips for easy hookup. Each kit also meets the minimum specifications for JSS. 

JSS 2Registration
Getting started is easy. Just register at the Cvent link (coming soon!) by September 30, 2019. Once registered, consider sharing your JSS team stories and images with us by uploading your files and pictures here. Coming soon, we will feature selected team stories and images in a new, e-newsletter. 

AEOP requires TSA to gather information on students participating in JSS to provide registration and evaluation data through the Cvent registration site, developed by TSA and AEOP. (Please ensure that all teachers and/or advisors, volunteers. and participants are registering on that site, prior to the state TSA conference. Students can fill out the registration on their own but will need a parent/legal guardian’s digital signature on the “Additional Information” page of the registration. Parents/legal guardians are allowed to fill out the registration on their student’s behalf, but should keep in mind that responses should reflect the student’s information, not their own.) Participant feedback is very important to TSA and AEOP, and will help improve JSS. Please contact JSS Manager Sue King for more information.

JSS 3Online Resources
JSS, as an AEOP program, allows for collaboration, inquiry, and the opportunity to explore STEM Careers. Once registered, you will receive access to online resources such as educational materials, supplementary instructional videos, connections to outside resources, and "how to" guides to implement curriculum and races. In addition, you can gear up for the competition by watching three, free webinars hosted by Bob Walters:

  1. JSS: Basic Concepts
  2. JSS: Design and Fabrication Concepts
  3. JSS: Making Vehicles Competitive

JSS Jumpstart Coatesville ASD PAAbout JSS Jumpstart
The onsite, elementary school-based event provides elementary-level fifth and sixth grade students with a fun, hands-on opportunity to learn more about renewable energy by building solar powered cars. Learn more.

JSS National Finalists
The 2019 JSS finals were held and the winners were announced at the 2019 National TSA Conference near Washington, D.C:

JSS 17

  1. Howell Middle School South, NJ
  2. Joan MacQueen Middle School, CA
  3. Daniel Boone Middle School, PA
  4. Mclane Middle School. FL
  5. Buffalo Creek Middle School, FL
  6. Kilmer Middle School, VA
  7. American Samoa        
  8. Louise R. Johnson Middle School, FL
  9. Cheyenne Middle School, OK
  10. Strayer Middle School, PA

2018 Junior Solar Sprint (#JSS) at National TSA Conference (Mandatory Photo Courtesy & (91)

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