The TSA Member-of-the-Month recognition provides an opportunity for TSA members to receive national recognition by participating in warm-up challenges posted each month.

Warm-up challenges explore TSA competitions in a new an entertaining way. They are designed to be engaging, fun, and to encourage members to think creatively about TSA’s competitive events.

One submission per challenge will be chosen each month, and the submitting member will be featured as a TSA Member-of-the-Month on the national TSA website. To be considered for this recognition, student members submit an entry using the procedures described in the challenge and the submission link provided. All entries that address the challenge will be placed in a random drawing to determine the TSA Member-of-the-Month. Entries must demonstrate thoughtful preparation and follow stated instructions for submission.

Individuals chosen as TSA Member-of-the-Month will have their name and photograph featured on the national TSA website. (An authorization form signed by a student’s parent/guardian will be secured prior to posting.)

September’s high school and middle school warm-up challenges are below. Check back in October to find out September’s Member-of-the-Month!

High School Warm-Up Challenge: Board Game Design – relates to Board Game Design competitive event

Create a simple board game for a three year old to learn colors or letters. Produce a short video demonstrating the game play of your board game. The video may not show faces of participants.


Submit hyperlink to your video here by September 30, 2020. The winner of the monthly challenge will be featured as the Member-of-the-Month on the national TSA website . 

Middle School Warm-Up Challenge: Construction – relates to Construction Challenge competitive event

Build the tallest tower possible using only the items listed below.

  • One bag of small marshmallows and one packet of spaghetti.

Take at least one photograph of your design that captures the entire design alongside a ruler or measuring tape that indicates the height.


Submit the entry as a PDF via this submission link by September 30, 2020. The winner of the monthly challenge will be featured as the Member-of-the-Month on the National TSA website.  

Questions? Contact Kelly Gulich.