National TSA Officers

Audrey Garoutte profilePRESIDENT
Audrey Garoutte
Carl Junction 
High School
Carl Junction, MO

I began my journey in TSA as a shy sixth grader. If I had been asked where I thought TSA would take me in seven years, I never would have said I would end up being national TSA president—leading 250,000+ of the world’s most driven students in STEM and leadership. However, I am so thankful to be where I am today and excited to represent this organization to the best of my ability.

While I enjoy participating in many events including Chapter Team, Technology Bowl, and Photographic Technology, my favorite competition is Promotional Design. I enjoy finding creative, eye-catching, and informational solutions to problems with real-world applications.

Outside of TSA, I am a flute section leader in my school’s band. I am involved in theatre and competitive swimming, in addition to the National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, Interact Club, and LEO Club. I also volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House and my local pet shelter, and work as a lifeguard. In the future I hope to continue my education to become a pediatric physician. The leadership and communication skills I have learned through TSA have prepared me for this next challenge, and I am excited to face it.

Apu Mutayala profileVICE PRESIDENT
Apu Mutyala
MOT Charter High School
Middletown, DE

I joined TSA in the 7th grade, and at the time, I had no idea how TSA would change my life. When I got to my first conference and saw so many people dedicated to dreaming, doing, and becoming more—I was inspired. At first, I never imagined myself reaching this point, representing more than 250,000 students. Now as a senior, I serve as your national TSA vice president.

I also participate in activities such as Math League, Science Olympiad, and National Honor Society. I work as a freelance photographer, and I am also president of my school’s Entrepreneurship Club. I am involved with the Delaware Youth Leadership Network, play for the soccer team, and take photographs for the newspaper/yearbook club.
TSA has given me the opportunity to develop my skills and learn who I truly am. Through my experiences in TSA, I have been able to become a leader and help others do the same. I hope to continue to do so this year. After high school, I plan on majoring in engineering and business, in the hope of helping create innovative technologies to solve the rising problems facing our world.

Alexis Miniat profileSECRETARY
Alexis Miniat
Fairview High School

Fairview, TN

I joined TSA in 7th grade, terrified to be a part of this organization where I knew no one. It was a leap for me to put trust in my advisor who told me that I would enjoy it. During my first regional conference I found not only a group of like-minded friends, but also a passion for the STEM world. TSA has provided me growth in leadership development and has assisted me in developing the skills necessary for my future STEM career goals.

Aside from TSA, I am the student council president of my class, a member of the National BETA Club, and a member of the tennis team.  Through my favorite event, Prepared Presentation, I have had the opportunity to cultivate my public speaking skills. This has allowed me to speak more confidently when advocating for STEM education and TSA.

Because of the skills I have developed in this organization and my verdant curiosity for learning and problem solving, I plan to become an oncologist. I want to help solve one of the greatest puzzles facing humankind and become a leader in this ever-growing technical world.

Ashley Stokes profileTREASURER
Ashley Stokes
Carl Junction High School
Carl Junction, MO

I am a senior and this is my seventh year as a TSA member. As I enter my final year of high school and my second term on the national TSA officer team, I am in awe of what TSA has done for me. Through competitive events such as Extemporaneous Speech and Chapter Team I have learned to think quickly and delegate responsibilities, and I have developed a passion for parliamentary procedure.

I am also a member of the National Honor Society and Spanish National Honor Society. I also play varsity soccer and basketball for my school. Along with my school activities, I am heavily involved in my church’s youth group. 


I plan to use the skills I have learned in TSA to become a robotics engineer. This past year I earned a certificate in Programmable Logic Controllers from Crowder College. After I graduate high school, I plan to major in engineering technology and mathematics with a minor in physics.

Angel Koshy profileREPORTER
Angel Koshy
Chapel Hill High School
Chapel Hill, NC

I have wanted to be part of TSA since 1st grade when my brother became a member. I could not wait to reach middle school just so I could join this amazing organization. For the past 11 years, TSA has had a very important place in my life and has made me into the leader I am today. Through TSA, I have developed technical skills, leadership abilities, and created amazing relationships. I found new ways to help others in my community who share similar interests.

TSA has taught me the value of connecting with a variety of different communities, listening to them, and helping to guide them. I am also passionate about theatre and volleyball. This year I will be managing my school's volleyball team and playing on my church’s team. I will direct and act in drama shows this school year.

I aspire to be an engineer in the future and work to further space exploration or to help find a new renewable energy source. My main goal in life is to use my passions for engineering and theatre to help others and improve the overall quality of their lives.


Tate Green profileSERGEANT-AT-ARMS
Tate Green
Lowndes High School
Valdosta, GA

TSA has been a part of my life for seven years, and it has been quite the roller coaster. When I joined in 6th grade, I was shy and awkward. I had never been able to confidently speak in front of a group. Today, as a senior in high school, I have overcome that fear by competing in various competitive events that have helped boost my confidence. As a middle school student, I found my voice in the semifinalist round and LEAP interview for Mass Production, and I learned how to speak confidently to the judges.

Outside of TSA, I am actively involved in my church, where I serve my community in various ways. I also served as class treasurer, and I am a member of various honor societies. These experiences have taught me how to lead my community as a servant leader above all else. I plan to use the leadership and technical skills that I have learned in TSA and other extra-curricular activities, to continue to serve my community in my future career.