National TSA Week

National TSA Week is October 1-5, 2018!

National TSA Week is a great opportunity for your chapter to create awareness of TSA in your school and community, and to showcase your activities and accomplishments. National TSA Week is about student members and the hard work your chapter is doing to learn, create, and innovate in the technological world. 

The official 2018-2019 TSA hashtag is #OneTSA. Be sure to capture the activities in which your chapter is participating to celebrate National TSA Week and share them on social media. Field trips, community service projects, and chapter-building activities are just a few ways some chapters choose to celebrate National TSA Week. 

Below are the themes for each day:

My TSA Monday: Share what being a TSA member means to you! What have you learned by being a member in TSA? How has being a TSA member changed your plan for the future? What do you hope to accomplish in TSA this year?

Teammate Tuesday: Post a photo of you and your chapter teammate(s). Ideas include: a photo of you and a teammate dressed in TSA attire while attending a conference, teammates working together on a competition, conducting a meeting, participating in a TSA leadership session, etc.

#OneTSA Wednesday: Post a photo of anything TSA-related (you, your chapter, your advisor, a project you are working on) and explain why being a TSA member is important to you, and how you are learning to lead in a technical world.

Throwback Thursday: Post a favorite TSA photo of you and your chapter from your early years in TSA. Ideas include: a photo of your first TSA conference or working on your first competition.

Forever TSA Friday: Post a collage of all chapter photos relating to TSA.

Check out 10 Ways to Celebrate National TSA Week. In addition:

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